Summer Break Service Work

Since the children have been off on break we have implemented a work schedule for them in the mornings. This is extremely important for the children to understand hard work, discipline and responsibility. For three hours after breakfast we ask that all the children take the time to engage in tasks that need to be done to keep up with maintenance at Baan Unrak. Then they may go about enjoying the rest of their day.

Some of the tasks have been painting and repainting the walls of Girls Home, Guest home bathroom and fencing around the property.

The girls enjoyed learning how to mix the paint to the perfect color they were striving for.

The kids have had to put together boxes for the baked goods to be sold in the bakery and the market. As well as taken over cooking and baking jobs to ensure that while workers were off on Songkran these jobs were still finished and everyone could eat well!

Another major project that the kids have undertaken with the volunteer Soren was to make beds and brand new benches for the dining hall.

They started by demolishing a house that was falling apart. They took apart the wood framing of the house to recycle the strong reusable wood. They cut it and primed it.

Building the benches from actual scratch. They look beautiful! The new benches are much needed for the dining hall with all the use that they get.

With the additional wood they built a dog house for all the new puppies that Baan Unrak has.

All of these jobs keep Baan Unrak in tip top shape. It also is important that the children learn responsibility during their developing years. We strive to give them tasks that expand their knowledge of either fixing things or making things. This will benefit them in the long run.

2 thoughts on “Summer Break Service Work”

  1. Yes we saw the girls painting, they seemed to be enjoying themselves. We are always pleased to see the progress that has been made during our annual visit. We shall continue to do whatever we can to support Baan Unrak in between our visits.


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