Waiting for the Rain

It never happened in 30 years that we didn’t have water in July. The water level of the lake has dramatically, continuously decreased over the past months.

Our goats used to cross the lake by boat on their floating house to go grazing on the other side. Now, down at Baan Unrak Farm, a temporary bamboo bridge is more than enough to cross the small river that the lake has become.

Usually, the lake dries up almost completely in April, at the peak of the dry season. Then, slowly the water level begins to raise again. But this year, we are in July and the lake is completely dry.

Last year, in this period we had lot of water. We were… Dancing in the Rain!

This year, the children are playing football on the dried lake!

No matter what happens, the children always show us how to live with joy every moment, and how to see the positive side of everything.

Last year, Burma was flooding and we did a relief expedition there to bring aid. This year… there is not even enough water, to the point that we have to drive 20 minutes to the river to wash our clothes…

…at the river, we take a bath far from home too! Shampoo included. And the children, of course, play in the water.

Kong, not a follower, found the perfect spot to wash his clothes in secluded peace…

At the river we also perform our daily meditation sitting on a big rock, facing the flowing water, immersed in the nature around us.

Phudoy, 11 years old, looked like a little big yogi perched on that rock.

Every season brings its own beauty and, equally, its own challenges.

The lake is the primary source of water for Baan Unrak Children’s Home. This year, the lack of rain and dried lake mean that we are not getting the beneficial effect of having water for our cleanliness from that source. And yet, we are getting the bad effect of a normal rainy season, which is… a lot of mosquitoes.

Many children are becoming sick now, but fortunately we are taking care very quickly and efficiently with our homeopathic medicines.

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