Most Welcomed Help

Help comes to Baan Unrak in so many ways and forms.

There is a lot of goodness in the world, but we can hardly see it, because the bad things are louder. But here in Baan Unrak we can come in touch with the noblest part of whoever comes closer to us.

Most people have a need and desire to do something virtuous and honorable for humanity.

They may not advertise it aloud, but their actions speak more than words.

Even Covid could not keep away our most valuable helpers. The volunteers! Covid did not allowed Lina to leave from Baan Unrak. She came to pass with us only few weeks, but because of Covid her time here became longer than 6 months.

Like our children she became engrossed in a neo humanistic lifestyle training to keep the spirit and the energy high during lockdown. We had meditation classes, detox, fasting, positive affirmations and social guidelines for an integrate living.

She was so grateful for these teachings. And she showed her appreciation in every way she could, being of whatever service to us.

In her own words…

“This is my way to Thank you”

She was a very capable and efficient volunteer. We could all see that she gave her best, no matter what was her task, she did it with full dedication and focus.

Here is what some of our university students that benefited from her services during lock down say about her:

Prema: She is helpful and think about others. For example, the first time we met, she did not know me but she helped me with the Excel. She sacrifices her time for me. She helped me so much in my studies and my life.

Ice: Laura (Lina) is a smart woman, she is full of energy. I always saw Laura with her beautiful smile playing with the children. She is my friend, my sister, and my teacher. If I needed help, she was always there for me. Laura (Lina) is the best.

Oratai: I like to Thank Laura (Lina) for so many things. For Helping me and Baan Unrak children. I am glad that I came to know her. I hope that she will come back to us in the future.

Our children that followed her in her sport activities say:

Vijay: I admire her and I want to be strong like her. That is why I follow her in the running. She taught me how to run properly. I really like to be a sport man.

Karuna: I learned perseverance from her, and I really want to be strong like her. I like her.

The children that she trained for life skills say:

Kushuma: She is a nice person; she has helped me out with the Etsy (online selling) and I appreciate that. This will help me with my study in the future a lot and it will help our children home too as I am going to sell Baan Unrak’s products.

Latika: I’m grateful for learning conscious drawing. I know that we could make a living out of it but just for now I am grateful because it makes me feel fresh silent inside.

The staff in our restaurant/bakery also want to say something to her:

Kiran: “I really want to say, Thank you so much for helping Baan Unrak and the Bakery.”

Mai: “I am happy that I met her and I’m very thankful for the help she gave to Bakery and me.”

Her work for the bakery was notable. We got benefit in so many ways. We feel that we are fortunate to get a glimpse into the best aspect of someone’s personality.

It is our belief that the coming together of moral and good people will bring dynamism and vitality to society. Thus society will undergo a cleansing and it will purify itself.

We are waiting for the big change! Therefore our motto is: “Moralists of the world Unite! Unite! Unite!”

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