A Dynamic Play Ground

Finally, the children have access to the bicycles everyday!

For years, we had to keep the bicycles locked most of the time, limiting the play time and needing constant supervision, otherwise everything would be destroyed.

How is it possible, that we can now open the bicycle area everyday?

Because a group of children now has taken responsibility for it, together with our handy man Piwin, and the day-guard Muller.

Now, being the guard is not a boring job anymore, but it is a challenging task. Beside keeping clean and guarding the entrance, they have to repair small electronics and machines, such as fans, irons, mixers, and… bicycles!!!

Our New Bicycle House

We recently completed the bicycle workshop, right next to the entrance. Our teenagers Vijay and Aung Ko Zwe, passionate mechanics, take responsibility for the bicycles and the children at play. The younger Jirapet and Wanchai are their assistants. They love to disassemble and reassemble the bicycles. They love to…

“Fix Bicycles!”

Often enough, a child shows up to get the bike fixed…

And then, back to ride!

Children enjoy it so much, as they say…

“Play Bicycle!”

This is how a Sunday morning looks like, at Baan Unrak play ground.

We devised a great, yet simple system to make it all go smoothly.


Each child is assigned one bike with one number. Thus the child will be responsible for that bike. This new system proved to be very successful, and the children like it too! They take much better care of the bicycles.

In the meantime, there is so much going on all around…

For the children, every thing is a game.

Every thing is a discovery.

And there is more than just bicycles…

Sepak Takraw

It is a sort of acrobatic kick volleyball, very popular throughout Southeast Asia. Players are allowed to use their feet, knees, chest and head to touch the ball, which is made of woven rattan.

Our children love to play it, and, needless to say, they are very good at it.

On weekdays, children gather down at the play ground in the evenings.

Here, we can also make new friends!

And we play until it gets dark.

Even our workers, and some neighbors too, like to come in and join the games of Sepak Takraw at Baan Unrak!

We are happy to see our children becoming stronger and lively, having the opportunity to socialize with people from outside the Home.

Our play ground is becoming a vibrant meeting point, to be together in a healthy and dynamic way.

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