New Life in Baan Unrak

The 30th anniversary of Baan Unrak is approaching!

The upcoming 24 of October, we will celebrate 30 years of Baan Unrak, The Home of Joy.

For this, we would like to invite everybody to come.

We will celebrate together, and with our new baby everything will be more lively!

He is a breeze of freshness.

He announces a new phase for Baan Unrak.

A new chapter in our story…

His name is Danaviira, the Giver. (Dana Veera)

Born the 3rd of September, he was given to us on his third day of life.

Since his arrival, he has so many visitors every day.

We are all enthralled by this new life!

Children, care mothers, staff, volunteers…

Everybody comes to admire him!

The care mother who takes care of him, together with her own 3-year-old child, are so happy.

Dana is a new brother for him, and for all Baan Unrak children.

Welcome Home Dana!

You are all invited to Baan Unrak
the upcoming 24 of October 2020,
for our 30th Anniversary.

Our grown-up children, volunteers, sponsors, well-wishers… everyone that has a good wish for Baan Unrak.

Let us know in advance,

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