To Eat or Not To Eat?

We make sure that our children always get good food. There were periods when our cooks were not so good, and we were all suffering! Not everyone is able to cook well, but now, we are very happy with our cooks. They care.

We get variety of food. It can be Thai, Karen, Burmese, Mon or Jungle food. They keep the menu interesting with an assortment of different dishes.

We feel that our children are not lucking anything when it comes to nutrition. We get plenty from our bountiful “jungle store”! Bamboo shoots, yellow flowers, ferns, different kinds of tuberous plants and roots, fruits and leaves.

We eat enough, and sometimes we feel that we can afford to skip a day of eating. It is another kind of lesson, another kind of learning, to increase our mental strength and will power and, at the same time, to cleanse our body.


Some months ago, while in quarantine, we took the opportunity to introduce a detox and fasting camp to our grown-up children that are now managing the home, and to our university students that came back home for the lockdown period. Our volunteers were there too: Francesco, Lina and Zia Caterina. They were the most inspired and the most enthusiastic. Our children just followed with perplexity! Gradually, some of them started to become interested and got into it.

We learned to make healthy juices and smoothies…

…consuming them joyfully with fruit and salad.

We had yoga classes…

…sunbath, spinal bath and steam bath.

We also went for a mud pack in the jungle!

Zia even climbed a tree and jumped into the river!

The detox camp turned out to be a great success.

Zia Caterina felt the Detox & Fasting program was so beneficial that she desired to promote it more. So she came up with an idea.


Zia suggested:
The children that complete a day of fasting, the next day will be rewarded with a lot of fruit and… a special meal at our Restaurant & Café!

As we announced the program, the next fasting day we had an incredible number of children that wanted to join in!

The first time, 24 children went on fasting. Some consuming fruit and milk, some only drinking water, while the bravest insisted to do a complete dry fast.
Then, they enjoyed their reward!

We did not expect this success, therefore we reached out to Zia. It is a beautiful initiative, but too expensive for us. Zia really believes in this program, for the positive effect that it had on her body and mind. Therefore she offered to find sponsors to improve our children’s health and mental strength.

Up to now almost all our youth have experienced fasting. On average, we have 18 teenagers fasting per cycle. They seem to rotate and take turn to fast! And even if it is only for teenagers, the younger keep asking to be allowed to join in.

The reward of going to eat at our Restaurant & Café is a huge inspiration for our young adults! It means for them the possibility to go out and choose the food they are going to eat. It gives them power managing their 100 Baht coupon. They find the way to get the best out of it!

They see this reward not to gorge themselves. In fact, they keep little boxes of food to bring to their friends and siblings at the home!

It is such a pleasure for them to be able to Give. Thank you Zia Caterina to help us with this program to help our youth to get healthy habits and to develop kindness.

What is the benefit of Fasting?

It is yogic discipline to fast on particular days of the month in connection with the moon cycle. There are 4 days that we recommend for fasting: Full Moon and New Moon, and the 11th day after Full Moon and New Moon. “Dry fasting”, more than healthy, is deep cleansing at the cellular level, provided that is brought to an end properly.

N.B. We do not recommend for children to do the fasting alone. They should do it under the guidance of an experienced adult.

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