30 Years of Baan Unrak – Part 4 ( 2013-2019 )

A brief history of the “Home of Joy”


One World foundation did a lot of very good things for our home. They launched our weaving products as the “Conscious Collection” to the stars in Hollywood, and introduced us to the Yayasan Harmoni foundation.

One World foundation sponsored the travel of our yoga group to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and Yayasan Harmoni extended their excellent hospitality. It was a memorable experience for our children. Beside that, Yayasan Harmoni donated 1.000.000 THB for our education program.

Baan Unrak Children’s Home became a foundation of its own!

With great excitement from our teenagers, we had a graffiti teacher in Baan Unrak, and some of them were invited to Italy for a special cultural experience.

It was so important for our teenagers to know that there are infinite opportunities…

…To break the myth that you are not able to go out of your border town because you are a stateless orphan.

Then, it was a great accomplishment for us to bring all of our teenagers to a special trip to Krabi in Thailand. All our stateless youth could see a world of wonder out of our border township. It was extremely empowering.


The first flashmob ever in Sangkhlaburi!

The children, care givers and volunteers suddenly appeared among the market crowd. They came in a circle formation singing a song about universal brotherhood, accompanied by meaningful gestures to reinforce the concept that all the creatures of the universe belong to a unique cosmic family. Then, after 2 minutes of performance they suddenly disappeared in the crowd again, leaving everybody bewildered!

The flashmob is Didi and volunteers’ creation. They decided to create it to evoke the spirit of Baan Unrak. The activity was conceived in such a way that every member of Baan Unrak, from the oldest to the youngest, could participate.

We received donations of beautiful game facilities, like this trampoline which brought a lot of laughters to our children.

We finished the new kitchen! Everyone in the house was so happy. But at the same time we had to close the Bakery. It was imperative to renovate it, as the structure had become dangerous.

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers and visitors…

…they brought so much enthusiasm and joy to our home.


Another flashmob!!! Our children under the guidance of our volunteers were dancing for peace. This was an international program where different groups of people around the world danced in the street for peace at the same time. It was so exciting for our children, and so refreshing for the spectators.

Our new Children’s Home and Nursery started in Burma. It was freshly constructed this very year.

A group of doctors from Taiwan came to check the health of our children. They had a very efficient team. In one day they could check all our children and workers, and the nearby village too.

A very good sponsor of ours, bought for us a townhouse in Bangkok. It was so great because our university students could have a house to call their own. And our new very sick baby, that needed to stay in a Central Hospital in Bangkok for an extended amount of time, had a good shelter too.


Our teenagers took initiative to do many relief activities deep inside the jungle. They also launched the program “YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE”. Together with volunteers, our teenagers walked for 4 days in the jungle bringing relief goods to all the poor villagers.

Our teenagers helped to install solar panels for our first water system management.

We installed the solar panels, but this year there was no water. Baan Unrak suffered an extreme drought. For taking a bath and washing clothes, the children had to go to a far away river. We had to collect water from that same river to clean the home.

We had two main meditation programs this year. We had an international spiritual conference and a meditation for peace, a global program to meditate together at the same time. The children were the protagonists in both events.


This year we had a lot of guests that came to help and bring beautiful things for us. One of our university students created a new flashmob to surprise our guests and at the same time to communicate the deep believe of Baan Unrak that “everything is love”.

Mc Graw Hill Education company took us on board. They started to assist our education program, providing materials and teachers for our children to improve in our academic achievements.

This year, the children entertained so many visitors with their music, dances, yoga performances and songs, and they were entertained by the visiting clowns and their innovative puppet theater.

We were able to improve our infrastructure to support our disabled children with wheelchair ramps and standing frame equipment. Beside that, we had an alternative physician to come and support our little ones.


Finally, we completed our giant water tank on the top of the hill, to make sure that the next drought would not overpower us. We did a special meditation on it. Many other people were meditating at the same time around the world, to bring a wave of love to all the universe. We believe that water can absorb pure vibration and get energized, giving us not just life, but an awe-inspiring life.

This year we did not have a drought, we got flooded. Together with the villagers, we built a bamboo bridge to enable our children and staff to go in and out of our land to school or to the market.

We received a donation of solar panels to help us reduce our electricity bills. We also got a huge filter to clean all the impurity in the water that we pump up to our big water tank.

A group of our teen children was invited to Italy for a cultural exchange experience. It was amazing how we were welcomed. We were received even by the regent of San Marino. Here, we are in the tv news of San Marino.


An amazing year, in which we successfully held an international Yoga Conference, full of joy, with many participants from many countries.

In the same year, Burma suffered a heavy flood. Baan Unrak gave almost all of our clothes and resources to send to our neighbors.

The delegate of the Japanese Embassy in Thailand came to Baan Unrak. They came to donate a school bus for our children. We did a beautiful ceremony to welcome them.

A group of homeopathic doctors came to Baan Unrak twice this year, to treat our children and our community. Many people benefited.


Following the 30-Years Story of Baan Unrak, we have arrived to the present days.

Stay tuned…

…for the next episode, about this very year of 2020!

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