30 Years of Baan Unrak – Part 5 ( 2020 )

A brief history of the “Home of Joy”


And here we are! This is a special year for us, as it marks our 30th anniversary.

This year started very much like any other year, with many things to do, many things to learn, fun, happiness…

At the beginning of the year, we learned drawing and painting on cloth. Our children started to do beautiful art. With their art, we made beautiful bags, to give to our friends and to sell. We didn’t know, while we were learning and doing this, that this new skill would become so important for our children during the lockdown…

Just before the lockdown, we’ve been very lucky to have some nice visitors from Italy, who taught us how to take care of our goats, how to milk them in a loving and caring way, and how to make cheese and yoghurt. This skill was very important for us to learn, especially during the lockdown, to give very nutritious milk to our weak children.

When the lockdown was announced, the first thing we did was to make sure that our people, the poor people that we assist monthly through our relief program, would get enough food to survive for at least 3 months. We brought them beans, soy sauce, oil, rice, and other small things like salt and chilly.

As the lockdown began, we started to make a lot of positive affirmations, to boost our mind and to keep our moral high. At this time, the painting skills that we had learned came very handy, as we had to make a lot of posters with positive affirmations, to be attached all around the home.

We harvested very powerful plants in our backyard, and made healthy drinks to give to our children, to strengthen their immune system. We want our children to be strong, and it was incredible that, searching in our backyard, we could find so many herbs, grass and roots that, according to the traditional medicine of the local people, are very useful to improve the immune system.

We taught our children many yogic tricks to keep them strong and healthy, such as how to clean their nasal passages, the eyes, the throat, the legs and hands.

Keeping in mind the wellbeing of our children, we also did a lot of exercise. They learned very powerful exercises, not only to strengthen their body, but also to increase their courage and love for humanity. Some  are really special, like Tandava, a yogic dance.

Our children like to be very close to each other all the time. But in times of Covid, there was a particular rule that we had to observe. And so, we created the Magic Sticks, to learn how to keep the distance, the “social distance”. This way, they learned how to keep away from each other, at least for the length of their sticks.

We encourage our children to be in touch with the 5 elements of life.

The soil, the water, the fire…

The air, the space…

We want our children to be healthy, we want them to be in touch with the essential elements of this world. We want them to touch the soil, to be in the water, to feel the fire, to be in touch with the air and feel it on their skin, and finally, to feel the space within themselves.

Our little Baan Unrak community was really lucky during the lockdown, because behind our house there is a lake. And on the lake, there is a little island. So we could go there at any time, to release our stress, to feel in harmony with nature, and to meditate…

…To improve our existence… and the existence of all that are traveling on the boat of life.

The 30th Anniversary

This was a very happy day for all our little community. We had a beautiful ceremony, with inspiring talks and many shows performed by our children.

For this great occasion…

…Our former children came back home, to celebrate with us!

And they even cooked for us!

Our former children also went to celebrate together at our Bakery & Restaurant.

The Time Capsule

In 2010, we made a Time Capsule. Back then, all the children wrote their dreams and wishes on pieces of paper, then crumpled them and put them into a glass jar. And there we kept them for a long time…

Our intention was to open the jar 10 years later, on our 30th anniversary day.
And so it happened!

In this very happy day, our children got presents!

And Didi got a present too, from our former children! They put the money together for Didi.

We had some visitors as well. And all our friends, former volunteers and sponsors were connected with us online. We saw your faces on Zoom. Some of you chose to follow us on Facebook Live Stream, while others were not able to see us. We want to thank you all.

Thanks to all of you that have shared with us this special day.

Wherever you are, you are always in our heart. We think about you.
And hopefully, we will be able to do another program like this in 10 years, or 20 years, or 30 years…!

See you then!

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