A Big Cleaning to start the Holidays

Our children’s holidays have just begun. This year, it’s only a 2-week holiday though.
Our teenager-in-charge, Aye Moe, had a brilliant idea:

“We can start the holidays by cleaning up our little town!”

And so we did!

We went to the road that from Sangkhlaburi leads to Songkaria. It is full of rubbish, and our children took responsibility to clean it.

We also asked to 4 of the bigger boys to come with us, to feel safer, to signal to the passing cars to be careful and drive slowly.

It was a very nice way to start these 2 weeks of precious holidays for our children. It was Aye Moe’s idea, the girls embraced the project, and 4 boys went to help.

Passing people appreciated our children’s effort very much. Some local people even told us that they had thought to start cleaning around the town too, but they hadn’t done so yet.

They were glad that we took the initiative!

We inspired them, and, in gratitude, they gave our children sweets!

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