Our Natural Drinks for a Better Health

Since the lockdown began, Didi has been trying to find something that would help the children to enhance their immune system. We didn’t have great success for some time, but now, it’s getting better… much better!

We tried different traditional herbs in the past, making different teas, but the children didn’t get very excited about it.

Until recently…

Now, in the mornings we serve 2 natural juices:
the Wax Gourd juice, and the Boropet juice.

Wax Gourd – also called Winter Melon – is a cheap, common fruit here in Thailand. The children could feel the positive effect of it: better memory and better focus at school, more clarity of mind, good and easy digestion and evacuation.

Boropet – scientific name Tinospora Cordifolia – is very well known here for its medical properties, but it is so bitter that only a few take it. We make it less bitter adding honey, and even so, just a few children dare to take it. But it is a hit among our workers, they work hard, and naturally increases their energy.

Being the Boropet a medical plant, we will only give it for some time.
The Wax Gourd instead, being just a fruit, we could give it throughout the year.

Below, we prepare the Boropet juice the night before, or very early the same morning.

Didi first experimented with these plants for Ishvari, as she knew of the positive effect on the nerve cells. Didi tried herself and, seeing the benefits, started giving these juices to our workers, to some local people, and to the children that most needed it.

The result has been incredible…

Gradually, everybody started to feel better, perform better at school, have less physical pain… and gradually become stronger, look healthier, with more vitality.

Now, it has become a morning ritual!

When the children come from meditation, the first thing they do is drink the Wax Gourd juice and, just a few, the Boropet juice.

We also prepare bottles to bring to people in the community. Everybody feels better.
Meanwhile, there is always someone who wants more honey in his drink.

Some children didn’t want to try the juice at first, but when they saw the positive effect on the others, they did try it too. And they all come back for more.
A child with asthma could feel the healing power of it
, and regularly comes back to take it.

Here, the preparation of the Winter Melon juice (Wax Gourd):

And with the fiber…

Later, we make delicious sweets!

Nothing is wasted: the leftovers of the wax gourd are brought to the goats.

Below, our workers, and the elderly people living at Baan Unrak farm, get benefited and become stronger with the juices. They feel good. They can do more, and get incredible vitality.

These 2 juices boosted the overall vitality of our Home.

…And with that, the happiness of everybody living and working here.

So for now we are focusing on the Wax Gourd and Boropet juices, as the children come to take them everyday by choice.

Only very few children don’t take them. But the incredible thing is that even the ones that don’t take them, they get energy from the energy of the others.

Everybody is very energetic right now.

We also do other drinks, less powerful, but very good anyway. One is the Baibobok water – from Centella Asiatica.

We also prepare and serve very ripe, smashed bananas with tamarind. And, as usual, we don’t throw away anything. We macerate and blend the banana peels to make compost for the Aloe vera plants.

Then, we make the Tamarind drink, that we serve in the afternoon. The mothers like it, the children too. We add brown sugar and salt, and it’s ready to drink. It’s very refreshing, and it helps to move the bowels.

The honey dispenser girl:

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