The Adventures of Our Holidays

During the holidays, our girls had a beautiful trip to Thong Pha Phum.

Here, they visited the Vajiralongkorn Dam, the dam which created the beautiful lake – actually, a reservoir – that bathes our town, Sangkhlaburi.

It was a great experience for them. A very educational and fun field trip.

On another day-trip, they enjoyed tubing at Songkaria river.
Floating on inner tubes, the girls flowed down the river in the jungle.

And suddenly, the rapids!


The boys were camping in the jungle for 2 nights and 3 days.

They didn’t take many pictures though, as they were too absorbed in the adventure! The first night it rained a lot. It was unexpected, so it became a survival camp.

And they also carried on a relief project:

Building a House for a poor family

The boys went to collect the wood in the jungle.

And the bamboo!

Then, with the help of our workers, they started building the house.

Everybody did his part generously.

It was a great collective effort.

However, the work is not finished yet! The boys will have to go again next weekend to complete it, because now they are busy back to school.

Stay tuned to see the house completed…

in the next article!

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