Feeling Infinite Love

A pillar of our daily routine is singing together
” Baba Nam Kevalam ” .
It means:
Love is the essence of everything.

While singing it, we really try to
Feel the Love vibration all around us,
trying to Dissolve in it.

We sing it with folded hands
or, even better,
raising our arms up to the sky!

Love is all there is.

we meditate,

on that all-pervading…

Infinite Love.

We are not only a part of it,
but One with it.

Like a wave is One with the sea.

Love exists within everyone and everything,
Like seawater exists within the wave.

It is the essence of existence,
the source of all things,
the core of our being.

And we can know it,
through the regular and sincere practice of

It’s about finding the essence of ourselves within ourselves,
and realizing that Infinite Love is the inner Self
of all beings and the entire universe.

Just as a river flows into the sea
We are all returning Home.


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