Inner Harmony through Yoga

Along with singing and meditating on Infinite Love,
we practice Asanas – yoga postures – every day.

Here, Tree pose ( Vrikshasana ) at the nursery!

Why we practice Yoga every day?


Our Life experience comes from within:
it depends entirely on the emotions we Feel!

the quality of our emotions
determines the quality of our Life!

as you might know…

Our emotions are produced by hormones,
which are secreted by the endocrine glands in our body.

The practice of yoga postures
regulates and balances the hormone secretion of those

The goal is to achieve emotional balance,
in order to find inner peace.

Lotus posture ( Padmasana )

When we find inner peace,
we become unshakable by external circumstances
(no matter how challenging they might seem)
and, ultimately, ever-blissful!!!

This is why we love to practice Yoga!

Here, our International Yoga Day show at the Pagoda.

Below, our daily yoga practice:
after morning meditation, and before evening meditation.

Here’s the Mother of yoga postures, Shoulder Stand ( Sarvangasana )

…And its counterpose, Fish posture ( Matsyamudra )

We open our hearts in Wheel posture ( Chakrasana )

Take flight with the Lord of the Dance posture ( Natarajasana )

Get rid of all fears and build self-confidence in Peacock posture ( Mayurasana )

Asana means:
“a posture giving physical comfort and mental composure.”

Bow posture ( Dhanurasana )

Plow posture ( Halasana )

Shiva posture ( Shivasana )

And much, much more…

Challenges are never-ending!

Every day we push our limits a little further…

Cock posture ( Kukkutasana )

Bound Lotus posture ( Baddha Padmasana )

Let’s surrender into the posture…

Difficult Tortoise posture ( Utkata Kurmakasana )

Let’s practice Yoga with an effortless flow
of devotion
to the caretaker of this Universe!

…Beyond balancing the hormone secretions from the glands, Asanas give flexibility to the body, improve respiration as well as blood and lymph circulation, massage the internal organs, relax the nerves and muscles, detoxify the body, even cure and prevent diseases.

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