A New Playground Full of Wonders

A new playground has taken shape in the Home of Joy.
It has been envisioned for little Ishvari
, affected by cerebral palsy,
for her to learn movement and do physiotherapy.

Let’s try it out Ishi!

But first… Let’s put the right gear on!



Her little friends are here to cheer her up!

Thanks to this ingenious tool… Ishvari can finally walk by herself!

Back and forth, back and forth… seemingly tireless with excitement!

To be able to stay erect and move ahead, it’s a great feeling!

And she walks, she walks!

She follows the metal bars around and under the concrete ramp.
It’s a new magical space, full of color and light.

Rainbows on the walls and on the floor. The whole place is filled with magic!


We even painted The Starry Night!

Do you recognize it?! It’s a treasured artwork by Van Gogh!


The sandpit is Ishvari’s favorite spot. She spends hours in it everyday!
We are so glad that we discovered it.

Here she can do a lot of exercise by herself, moving around, moving things around, experimenting with the sand… holding it in her hands and throwing it away, dipping her hands in it and crawling.

These are amazing tools for her to learn movements.
Of course, the other children enjoy it too!

Today, she invited her little friends to play…


What a mess they make…!

But it doesn’t matter…

We are all having fun!

The pool is a fantastic tool for Ishvari to experiment with water.

Who’s the captain of the boat?!


However, we need a bigger pool! …for her to crawl and walk in it.

For now, she can play with the water, pouring it, throwing it out… learning new movements.

Still a work in progress…

We want her to master the 5 elements.

In the sandpit she experiences the Solid; in the water pool the Liquid factor;
the whole place is naturally lit, receiving the beneficial effects of sun Light.
We are currently working on a special swing, for her to conquer the Air!
Next, comes the Space

… This dreamy playground is not finished yet.
We didn’t cover the expenses of building it either…

Would you give us a hand?

You can Help us clicking here.

This new playground is both a dream come true and a necessity
to improve Ishvari’s quality of life
through physical therapy.

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