Baby Naming Ceremony

This is a social ceremony that ignites the vitality in our community.

The naming ceremony is about introducing the baby into society for the first time. With it, the society takes a commitment towards the baby.

We also take advantage of this ceremony to change the name of the children who wish to speed up their progress on the spiritual path, by giving a name which is powerful. A name that is a mantra.

Changing the name into one with a powerful meaning, it helps people in their evolution.

He or she must be at least 6 months old. We started from the smaller one.
His name is…


It means.. one who is extremely charitable by disposition.


Her name means indigo child.

Kalyana Sundaram

It means… blessedness, beauty of the Divine.


…the Absolute state of non-duality.

Below, the latest child arrived in Baan Unrak…


Her name means Joy, Happiness, Delight, Love.

And her older sister…


She is… the guardian of Dharma (righteousness).


Her name means Lotus, symbol of purity.
Lotus flower grows out of the mud, raises up and blooms in pure beauty above the surface of the water, unaffected by it.


That is… a divine musical instrument.


The Lord of Victory.


The Supreme attractive force, who delights others.


He is… the Master of Yoga.


Prince of Wind. Unobstructed, free.


The one who brings Spiritual Wealth.


The one who is in a state of bliss, ecstatic joy, infinite happiness…
contemplating the Supreme.

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