Our New Nurse!

In Baan Unrak we deeply believe in sharing… as much as we can.

During this month we assisted over 200 families on our Relief mission.

Tangmo is with us again!

She grew up in Baan Unrak, and she just graduated from Nursing University.
Now she returned to Baan Unrak, to give back to our Home and to the all community.

The poorest people around us don’t have money to go to the hospital. Therefore, having a nurse with us to give them free care is a great service we offer.

We go to the villages and visit the people in their homes.
Tangmo is very good at communicating with the villagers: she shares the same background, she can speak their language and can understand their worries and feelings.

The villagers feel very comfortable with Tangmo and can easily tell her their problems: from health problems and family problems to economical problems…

Now we have a clear vision of how to substantially help them, and we are starting together some small businesses leveraging their resources:

They have abundance of medical plants…

They are skilled in weaving bamboo baskets…

And they can produce brooms!

We hope that we can use their skills to improve their lives.

Tangmo also helps us at Home…

We feel so safe with her in Baan Unrak. We have so many children, some of them with serious sicknesses…

She is so precious for us!

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