Young Artists At Work!

Immerse yourself in our children’s…

…Creative Flow!

Sometimes we paint for a special occasion…

A Wedding!

Sometimes we paint with a theme…

The Little Fairies

Watch the video of “The Little Fairies of Baan Unrak”


The New Land

Children have…

…Boundless Imagination

We encourage all our children to paint…

Painting sharpens the mind

Painting is great for mental health and emotional release.
It builds self-esteem, while giving a feeling of joy and happiness…

Creating something beautiful through painting

Just… Canvases are quite expensive…

We couldn’t afford to buy so many canvases for all our children…

Luckily, we found out that a thick fabric that was donated to us, it is good enough to paint on!

…However, some children still prefer to paint on… their faces!
Through Painting,
Children have a chance to discover their inner talent.

To awaken their…

…Limitless Potential

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