Dr. Somenath Mitra (homeopathic doctor)

Dr. Mitra has been helping us since 2004. He started his practice in Thailand by serving Baan Unrak. At this time we had so many issues such as sickness and children in poor health. He really puts a lot of energy to help us improve the overall health.

He first came to serve Baan Unrak children with homeopathic medicine. Later on he came again to look after our community’s social welfare. He gave 10 days medical camp for the poor. At that time, hundreds of people came to receive his medicine and medical advice many of them got very good benefit.

Later on he had to return to India but he never stopped his relationship with us. We can call any time and always be taken care of. When we have a case of a child in critical condition he makes himself available to help us 24 hours a day. He can advise us from far and he is always able to direct us to which hospital we have to go to and which kind of doctor we have to see.  He is able to prescribe medicine for just the everyday sickness and also for very difficult and complicate cases.

We are very thankful for the service that he has given for the last fourteen years.

You can visit Dr. Mitra’s site http://drmitra.weebly.com/


Steps to University

We know that the education is the most important tool to give our children. University is a huge gift for them. It is a great financial sacrifice for Baan Unrak but we try our best for the children that really deserve it.

Some of our children after experiencing the working world have decided to go back to study. Now after realizing how hard it is to work in the low pay level they understand and appreciate education for the advantage it will give not only for their life but also for the betterment of all the community. We have two teenagers Matoo and Faith as well as three grown adults Somchai, Krate and Mala. They are great people and we know by helping them we help all the community to grow.

We are beyond proud of Kusuma, Prama, Oratai, Ice, Enao and Jojo that have all graduated from high school on March 2018.

Kushuma will take a gap year to fund her own part of her university fee and the others will enter the university in different places in Thailand. They are all such great children and we are sure they will be of very much benefit for society.

Nursery Picnic

Our nursery is very important because here is where the children begin their early development and education into life. The memories will remain with them forever. We are very happy that our sweet Melek is the main teacher. She is very dedicated to the children. It was her dream to be able to open a nursery and take care of small children. This is a role she was born to play.

On the 6th of March 2018 she took 14 children for a picnic at the Songkalia River. They have so many activities such as swim, sing songs and eat lunch together.  This has become an annual event that we bring the children to see nature, relax and have fun.

Saikama’s HIV/AIDS Project

Saikama has dedicated her life to the HIV/AIDS patients and their families in Amphoe SangkhlaBuri.  In the beginning of 2017 Social Welfare had donated to Baan Unrak money for an awareness and prevention program of HIV/AIDS.  It was Saikama and her team of volunteers that decided to take the lead on accomplishing that task. Their visits and counseling of HIV / AIDS patients and their families was extremely helpful. Giving advice on contraception to those infected to minimize exposure. Saikama helped pregnant women with prenatal care and early blood tests to reduce mother-to-child infection. As well as a campaign for people to get regularly tested to for awareness before marriage.

Through these seminars and counseling they develop the necessary knowledge and skills to work in accordance with preventing the problem for the public health in the area and protect oneself from infection.

Sex education for the youth and adolescent to provide the skills and knowledge needed for self-care and prevention from disease is a large part of the project.  As well as, continual checkups and medication for those living with HIV/AIDS and their families.

Baan Unrak Foundation is very happy to be part of this project with Saikama.


Baan Unrak Foundation

Paula Brings Clean Energy to Baan Unrak

We are very blessed. Many great volunteers come to Baan Unary. Some volunteer are so committed to us that they come back again and again to help us. One of those volunteers is Paula.

Paula came to know us five years ago. She returned again and again to Baan Unrak. Her commitment is not only when she is here but when she is in her country too.  She is also thinking about us and making connections to enrich and better the lives of the children at Baan Unrak.

Paula helps us to get big donations. One of the donations is the Ford car we utilize. She was also able to motivate the McGraw Hill education team from Singapore to come and make a program for us. They put together the Baan Unary English Academy. The latest project she made happen was to bring Premier Group to come and install the solar panels at Baan Unrak. This was a huge venture and will make such a difference for the Baan Unrak home.  Not only is it great for the environment it will help with overall costs.

All of Paula’s life she has dedicated to the environment. It has always been a desire for Baan Unrak to heal the earth by utilizing clean energy.   Paula utilized her connections to help bring our dream to become true.  Solar panels are a practical solution to clean energy and saving money.

We are very grateful for Paula and all her hard work!

Volunteers’ Help

Art is such a healing tool from the stress and the ups and down of life. It can heal deep emotional wounds inside us. We are so lucky that here in Baan Unrak we have often volunteers that bring the different branches of the aesthetic science to us.

We try to take every opportunity for our children to develop artistic skills. Maria from Mexico taught basic dance, giving dance lessons to the girls after school. The children are very happy to be able to express themselves creatively through dance.

Beside that a worker at Baan Unrak had music skills. He has been taking time out of his work to come to teach the children about the drum and guitar.

Our children are quite good with the guitar and now have become even better at playing. We finally can say that we have a little band that includes two guitarists, a drummer and one singer. Hopefully very soon they will be able to perform. Still we need to replace the instruments as they are in a very poor condition.

A volunteer couple, James and his wife Joanna, came to visit Baan Unrak and they did a lot of work for us in a short period of time. James used his advertising background to good use with a few projects for Didi.  He took time also to give guitar lessons to children.


His wife Joanna taught handicraft to our women in the sewing room.  As well as setting up painting and art lesson on a Saturday morning.  The kids loved it!

Psychologist Fiorella

Fiorella is a psychologist from Italy. She came to visit us and volunteer here for two weeks.

She immediately fell in love with Baan Unrak. She was able to get close to all the children in the short time. She took on a job of translating and interviewing children for their sponsor. So she came to know the children in a very deep and beautiful way.

By taking on this project she got the inspiration to continue and promised us that she will come back with the package for a serious of seminars to give to the teenagers of Baan Unrak.  These seminars will help them to understand their body, their mind and their soul. She will soon put together a program to send to us.

We are extremely lucky to have her. She will work with Jasicca, another psychologist from Italy. Sometimes Fiorella will come and sometime Jasicca will come. So we will have the entire year covered by a psychologist.  Psychology is very important for  the children of Baan Unrak to help them work through and deal with their past.