Home exchange program

On the occasion of the South East Asian Neo-Humanistic conference in Bali, Prema was invited for a unique opportunity to create a link between Neo-Humanist homes around the globe.

It was the second experiment of this kind for Baan Unrak and it was very successful. Hopefully we can make more of this kind of program. Naturally if our sponsors are kind enough to support it. The homes share the same values and ideas, but the mode of operation is quite different. Every place has its own very distinctive culture and habits and it was amazing how quickly the children met on the same platform of values.

It was a rare occasion of learning to share ideas and discovering solutions. It was extremely inspirational for Prema, one of our teenager girls, who is waiting to enter University, to be there among the peace minded Balinese people.

After the initial awkwardness of getting used to each other, the children were able to establish a warm relationship and a strong bound.  They shared many experiences of joy and also of sorrow. All the children of Pantiasuhan cried when Prema sang to them a very touching Baan Unrak song.

They shared many things – songs, music, dances, cooking and life experiences.

Prema was very moved by the gentleness of the Pantiasuhan children. To be an orphan in Bali is not so scary. The Balinese culture is extremely sweet.  You can immediately find solace and nourishment from all the community around you.

Prema said she wished that all our children could have the opportunity to be in Bali. To not feel threatened or bullied by aggressive peers. In that peaceful environment the children could easily express their inner potential. While in our village even the children support each other in the home they can find a lot of harshness in the outside society.

Before the last day at the Conference Cultural Programme, the children of Pantiasuhan had the chance to show their art and Prema had the chance to sing another of the beautiful Baan Unrak children’s home songs. She was cheered and admired by all the conference attendees.

On her finial day, all the Pantiasuhan’s children where there to greet and hug her. It was an emotional farewell.

Prema will never forget them. She brought them back in her heart and now here in Baan Unrak, she is cooking for us Balinese food, teaching the children how to be more disciplined and more loving.


Computer or Books?

For such a long time, the favourite place for the children to be in their spare time has been the computer room. However, now we can say that their minds have diverted back to books.

The children are flocking back to the library, not just for the books, most of them they are not even able to read. But, for the charming and lovely environment that our volunteers are creating for them. The volunteers are slowly and carefully awakening the children’s psychological eagerness to learn, and curiosity about the world.

English classes, Arts & Crafts, and music lesson are now conducted in the library. Right now, I think that library is the favoured hang-out place for the smallest ones. They can express themselves, whilst being inspired and motivated by our volunteers. They love to show their wonderful artwork off and they love the magic of being able to communicate with their very far away teachers, from the opposite sides of the word. It is such wonder for our stateless children. Even though their movement is limited to one province in a small corner of Thailand, their minds can soar high and reach places & people that they could never imagine in their normal daily lives.


All our community of children have so much to be thanksful for

They have opportunities to go to school, food and medical care guaranteed to them,

and a big home with many brothers and sisters.

Most importantly, they have you and a lot of good people around the word that wish them the best and support them in many different ways.

It is so import to have someone, even if we do not know that person. It is the font of energy that adds value to our existence.

There is no doubt that everyone needs someone.

One of our sponsor once said with appreciation for our work , “These children are being seen.”

Yes, we are being seen and we are so thanksful for that.

The children also understand how lucky they are and they wanted to express their thankfulness by this song they wrote:

The distance is so far, not knowing who you are, who always cares never forget this place. 

Always send your love to us, it makes us feel safe and well, because you always look after me. 

Everything that you did, everything you sacrificed, to give me love to give me happiness. Giving me wonderful things so I can follow my hopes and my dreams. 

We want to say thank you, for that what you have done, and your kindness, your thoughtfulness, thank you.

Thank you for your love, through this song to feel our love. From all of our hearts thank you.

New life

Such incredible excitement. Dokbua is has given birth to her first son. A healthy boy of 3.4 kg.

We can see from the pictures a tired mother, but her face is all lit up with pride.

We cannot be with her right now, as she had a complicate delivery and needed to be brought to the provincial hospital in Kanchanaburi.

200 km away and we still managed to follow all the stages of her delivery. But now no matter what has pass there is only joy  in the eyes of this young mother.

At least Som, her younger sister, was with her and most importantly her best friend living in Kanchanaburi was there to support and care for her. So the little boy arrived into this world with people that were excited for his coming and he was well and truly encircled by love.

Dokbua is our child from the home. After leaving the home she got into a tricky relationship that left her as an expecting single mom. We gave her shelter and she gave life lesson and care to our young girls.

She became the elder sister that guided them and gave duty to them. It is not easy to be teenager girl in charge, but Dokbua could do that. She guided our girls throw the summer holidays, teaching them how to work and to paint the house. She helped out until she become too big. 3 weeks ago, she started to dedicate all her time to the future addition of her family. Her room walls all painted and decorated. She was ready. when she comes back from hospital, she will have all the things she needs to nurture the newcomer to Baan Unrak.

Baan Unrak’s Volunteer Teaching English

Our Volunteer, Prema, originally one of our very own children at Baan Unrak. She now grown up and teaches our children while waiting to enter university.

Prema also studies on the EWF Global English Proficiency adult programme. There she learns new techniques and language skills which she can pass on to the students in her own classes. She dreams of being able to study English at University in the coming academic year. Having our children becoming teachers and possibly one day returning to help us teach our own children would be a great success and help with sustainability. We realise that we cannot rely on outside help forever, and the way forward is to one day be in a position to help ourselves.

Here you can see Prema teaching the children the verb ‘have’ and how it changes when used in the third person indicative form (third person singular, in the present tense – i.e. “He has …” and first person, “I have …”).

These class pictured is in addition to EWF Globlal’s EP on-site programme and a perfect example of the adult volunteers taking what they have learned from their classes, and then passing it onto the children of Baan Unrak. Well done Prema!

New Home of Joy

Baan Unrak has seen many generations of children come in and out of Baan Unrak. The first children to arrive have already moved onto their professional lives and now many of them with families of their own.


Since the very beginning we have had a strong connection with Burma. All our care-givers were graduated teachers or college students from Burma who could not complete education because of political unrest and poverty, in their country. We were very fortunate because these young ladies where highly cultured, sweet and with very good manners.

Their sacrifice and love were admirable. Some care-givers have lived here most of their youth dedicating their lives to our children. Some of these mothers could not stop to think about the countless suffering children of Burma. There was an unrelenting urge, even while showering love and discipline to our little ones, that they could not forget the little youth of their home villages.

When Didi (our founder) was telling to Melek (the senior most mother) about the possibility to start a home and school across the border, tears came into her eyes. In fact, it was her secret dream to do something for the suffering of the neglected children of Burma.  For the first time she dared to think that it was all possible.

Incredibly, we immediately found a very kind person that wanted to sponsor our project.  It took quite long to build the house. On  its completion on the 2015 we instantly had  37 children attending our kindergarten. Melek, the coordinator, always made sure that not only we helped our little school, but that we served and donated to other poor schools in the area. We are famous in Myanmar Myine Thar Yar village.



Every so often they see us arriving with the car full of goodies, school supplies, food, construction things, etc. We are so happy that we can help these beautiful people.

Melek                                                                     Pazawhtoo

And Melek and the ex Baan Unraak Care-givers (now the teachers of our school) are overjoyed. After so many years of serving our children in Thailand now also the children of Myanmar  are getting benefited.

For 3 years we ran the kindergarten with the most revered respect of the villagers and monks of the Myine Thar Yar village.

Now they took the biggest step of all, they enriched our school with 4 most in need children that if not for us they would have no where else to go. Now we can truly call our school HOME.

Our new children – the beautiful children of Baan Unrak

There are our new beautiful children that came to us not only for knowledge but for stability, love and care. Now Baan Unrak in Burma is their home.

Ishvari progress

Ishvari came to Baan Unrak at the very young age of just 11 months old – both very sick and in extreme pain.

We did everything we could to save her. We did know that the damage in her brain could be very severe, but we took up the challenge and we did our best. After she recovered from a 7 days coma, we wondered if she could breath and feed normally.

Quickly she passed the tests. We were so relieved that her life would not revolve around feeding pipes and respiratory machine. Her body was almost motionless except from some nervous spasmodic movement. We took great care of her and we observed the tiniest improvement with  rejoice. She improved with many milestone, such as learning to ingest solid food, learning to roll on herself, slide forward and sit were all great victories.

Everybody rejoiced with her. She is now 4 years and 4 months. Her immune system is still a little bit week. We have had to cut her beautiful hair several times because of fungi infections. But, she is happy to be with people and with her peers. She has learned to thank people with her hand twisted back and indicating that she is hungry with her little hand twisted, and that she wants to eat or sleep. She can understand four different languages.

But yesterday was special, another mile stone was crossed. During meditation Ishvari usually gets pushed around with her wheelchair or moves around in a standing frame. Yesterday she was in her wheelchair. I noticed that her hands were parallel, almost touching each other at a perfect angle. Not twisted but fulling opened. We were so overjoyed and all the children gave her an ovation. Ishvari was so overwhelmed and she too realized that she had done something out of the ordinary.

She was so excited and this has motivated her even more. And today she progressed yet another step forward. She was able to push herself using the peddles of the tricycle that we gave her to ride.

These are all small things and are learned slowly, but our hearts are filled with hope. We hope that one day she will be able to walk and dance. And, one day she will be able to talk and sing.

Right now, she can’t control sound voluntarily to express herself. We are inventing sign language for her to use based on her limited capacity of movement.

She can sign with her hands:- Hungry, Water, Eat, More, Sleep, Smell,  Think, Know, All down, Thank you, Love,Beautiful girl, Blow a kiss and Bye bye.