New hope for Ishvari

Ishvari our beautiful child is very often in need of medical care. A Baan Unrak’s volunteer has created a crowdfunding for her medical need.

She is a 4-year-old refugee child living with Cerebral Palsy at Baan Unrak Children’s Home in Sangkhlaburi, Thailand.


Ishvari was rushed to the hospital at nine months old. Ishvari was in a coma. For several weeks prior, she had been displaying symptoms of pain, rigidity, and convulsions. The physicians at the local clinic in Sangkhlaburi were unable to diagnose her condition, and gave Didi, her guardian at the orphanage, two options: to either do nothing, or to take a 7 hour bus ride to Bangkok for specialized medical testing and treatment.

The Magical Fairies of Baan Unrak

I don’t know what it is about this place.  Why is Baan Unrak a magical place?  Is it because it sits on top of a hill with wonderful views of the lake and mountain? Or is it because of the fireflies that light up the jungle at night?  Perhaps it’s the music that radiates from the loudspeakers, or the echo of children singing and playing?  Perhaps it is all of these things.

But I want to tell you what makes Baan Unrak special to me.  All our children are back to school now and everything has taken on a more regulated rhythm. The school day starts with an early rise for us to perform our personal and house duties by 7.30am.  Then the children head off to school, a whole other world beyond our gates.

The morning is such a colorful sight.  Children of all ages in different uniforms; red and blue, green and white, sometimes in brown and khaki, all sprawled around and mingled together. Among them are the little ones who look with wonder at their older brothers and sisters moving out into the big world. A mysterious world full of promise and hope. One day they will be there too.

In the meantime, the little ones can afford to get up late and take time to eat and play. But at 9 o’clock a bell is rung and they jump up from whatever they are doing.  They will rush with their care-giver to a small gate hidden away in our backyard’s beautiful garden.

Behind the gate is another lovely garden full of brightly colored playground equipment.

The children will play on the swing and slippery dip and climb all over everything for a while until the care givers that have progressed to become teachers will appear at a very small door to call them inside.

Adults have to bow to enter because the door is small so only elves and tiny tots can enter easily. For this is an enchanted place, specially designed for children.  Welcome to our indoor magic garden full of toys and games and secret passageways for kids.

Inside is quite different from the rest of Baan Unrak.  It is very tidy and organized. Everything scaled down to the size of the children. Small doors, small tables, a small toilet and sink.

A small staircase leads through an enchanted tunnel to a place full of beautiful toys, a realm of fantasy.

The children are the leading characters in the drama that takes place here.  The care givers and teachers are like fairies that initiate the children into the magical world of knowledge. Here the children will learn the basic disciplines of life.

When they enter, the children are allowed to play with everything in the hall that the kind fairies have prepared for the lesson of the day.  As long as they play in a quiet manner, one toy at a time, they can play to their hearts’ content.

Once everything is returned tidily to its place, the morning circle will start.

They will sit in a circle and sing songs invoking care for each other, for animals, for plants and all living things. Morning circle is concluded with a meditation to get in touch with their inner soul.  They sit very quietly, with a very straight posture, radiating love to everything and everyone.

Then it is time for a little snack to be given out.  Sometimes the teacher will distribute, but sometimes a child will perform the act of giving.  The child feels joy and honor because of the responsibility to make sure that everyone gets their fair share and is contented.  It’s all very orderly and the benevolent fairies are always there to anticipate their needs.

Finally the fairies take them to sing and dance in front of the big TV with songs selected to introduce the lesson of the day.

After dancing and singing they do yoga exercises emulating the position of the animals. They learn to love and respect all the animals by trying to imitate their attributes. The songs and exercises are changed often to match the lesson of the day.

Then they will move to a different area to perform the ritual of the felt calendar.

The children have to place the name of the day, the month and the year and stick up a picture whether it’s cloudy or sunny outside.  They fill up the calendar chart by sticking up numbers or words. It is a great way to learn how to measure the passing of time. They learn the difference between today, tomorrow and yesterday, and all the days before that.  Each child gets the opportunity and honor to fill up the space with numbers and letters.

Then it’s time for the academic section.  Through play they will learn many disciplines each week.

  • Thai on Monday
  • English on Tuesday
  • Math on Wednesday
  • Review Thai, English and Math on Thursday
  • Art and craft Friday

They learn with different play methods, with clay, with songs, with crayons, with paints, by drawing, doing jigsaw puzzles and building with blocks or using any material that we are lucky enough to get.

Our main teacher’s name is Melek, which means ‘little mother’ in English. She is a fine teacher.

Melek finished High School in Burma, but due to the conflict in her country, she could not continue her education, so she had to self-educate. She was such a good care mother at Baan Unrak, that the school borrowed her for one year. Then, after that, Melek came back. This is how she learned so many things.

A powerful teaching method Melek uses is storytelling.

She can keep the children spell bound for ages telling a story from a book. The spell doesn’t leave with the ending of the story.  Different books are handed out to each child so they can turn the pages one by one and see for themselves how to navigate a non-digital fantasy world.

When the academic session is finished, the kids will learn table manners and hygiene. They queue up at the little sinks to wash their hands before sitting at their tiny tables to eat their little meal composed and quietly.

They learn to exercise the art of hospitality by serving food, and they sing a thank you song so they learn to be grateful for the food they are given.

Then they queue up at the sinks to wash their plate and brush their teeth.

Finally, it’s time to rest! (About time, I’m exhausted already just writing all this!).  But if they want to play a little more they can ask their fairy teachers for something else to do before laying out their mats to lie down and rest.

The kindergarten finishes at 3pm.  They wash their faces, comb their hair, apply talcum powder to their bodies then tidy up their sleeping place before saying goodbye to their fairy teachers.

The things they learn here and the self-discipline they acquire will remain with them for the rest of their lives.  This is confirmed by the bigger children who nostalgically talk about their time at kindergarten and Melek teaching there.

Then the children will go back to the communal area of Baan Unrak to wait for their bigger brothers and sisters to return from school at 3.30pm so they can play together and watch them do their homework.

I think that this is the magic of Baan Unrak, that there is an effort to bring love and care to everyone and everything that surround us.

A great day to remember

We had our Baan Unrak anniversary, and our mentor’s birthday on the 19th of May, a few days after our school started.  It is a very meaningful time as it is an important day to remember and reflect on how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful environment.

On that day many things happened.  

The little children rose early in eager anticipation with the chirping of the birds. The caregivers chose beautiful dresses for them which they reserved for this special occasion.  The children were all bathed, happy and fresh as they walked to the pagoda at the top of the hill, the place we usually go for special occasions.  When they reached the pagoda at 7am, the elders were waiting.

Everything had been beautifully decorated days before by children and volunteers alike. In the freshness of the morning, it was so touching. At the call of the silver bell, teenagers joined in too.

We are so many in Baan Unrak yet we are rarely all together. That’s what makes this day special – the togetherness. Small children, big children, mothers and babies. Sometimes holding hands, sometimes children carrying the littler ones, sometimes just giving a helping hand, exchanging a smile or just a look tinged with laughter.

We swayed and sang together in a merry-go-round of motion, our hearts mingling as we chanted Baba Nam Kevalam (love is all).  After the meditation we listened to an inspiring talk from Didi, then we shared birthday cake and fresh water. It confirmed that we are a cosmic family sharing the goodness in our hearts.

We then ate a delicious breakfast and our amazing administrators even made presents for each person. One by one everybody’s name was called out to come and take their gift. 150 names were called out and 150 hearts rejoiced.  There was something for everyone.

Then the children dispersed to play, carefree and happy because it was a job-free day. Our volunteers took a group down to our farm beside the lake to immerse themselves in nature.  Touching the wind, touching the water and touching the luxuriate grass.

The children took possession of the goat’s boat (yes we have a special boat for our 60 goats.  We take the goats each day across the lake to new pastures then pick them up at night).  The children played around acting out their fantasy world until the boat broke down in the middle of the lake and the farmer had to use paddles.  They couldn’t make progress because it was too heavy with children so they had to be rescued by our farmer with his other boat.

We enjoyed every moment of this special day. After dinner and evening meditation we had another surprise.  There was a surprise party for the ten children whose birthdays fell in May.  As a change from the birthday cake we ate in the morning, we had 15 trays of pizza for the birthday in the evening.  We took one tray and surrounded it with candles and the children gathered around.  After singing happy birthday the children blew out the small candles. Presents were given out for the ten birthday children and the pizza was distributed to all. We concluded the festivities with a rain of candies. Candy poured down from everywhere on the children’s heads. It was a great way to end a special day.

Here you can see how we celebrated last year:
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Ishvari – Some Good News!

Ishvari is a five-year-old girl with Cerebral Palsy.  She brings such joy and laughter into our community.  She has a charm of her own that touches the heart.  Many of our former staff, children, visitors and volunteers would like to know about Ishvari’s progress.

We are trying everything we can to help with her motor handicap.  We provide a lot of emotional support and physical attention, including massage and exercise.  Progress comes very slowly, but sometimes she surprises us. Like several years ago when she was suddenly able to roll over.  Or another time when she was able to bring her hands together.  And the very special time she suddenly uttered the word, “Again” over and over when a volunteer sang ‘Twinkle Twinkle little star’.  Sometimes she utters distinctively, “I am!” with such power and confidence.  These small things light up the hope in our heart that one day she will have an easier life than now.

We were in despair since last December because we could not see any marked improvement.  We were worried that her little legs were curled together and that they were not developing enough to support her body. So we searched again for professional help.  In the past, we signed her up for a 4-week intensive rehabilitation program every year in Bangkok.

Ishvari at the previous hospital

The program is very expensive, and Ishvari is stateless so there is no government assistance for her.  All her costs must be paid up front.   We made an intensive effort to raise the necessary funds, find a Nanny to take care of her, and organized all the steps required for Ishvari to travel to Bangkok in March to try the usual physio program in a hospital.  It was not so simple. The program was over-crowded and the hospital was experiencing a shortage of staff.  Ishvari was left with occasional therapy for only 30 – 60 minutes, and many days she did not have any.  In the hospital, she is not allowed to slide on the floor for hygiene reasons so she lost the opportunity to move and to interact with people whilst in bed.  For her condition, she needs to be active and engage her small body as much as she can.  So it was with a heavy heart that we withdrew her application. But we did not give up. Ishvari showed signs of disappointment at having to leave the program.  We suddenly realized that she was keen to learn and eager to make an effort.  And then to our utter shock, we discovered that Ishvari could understand everything we said to her in two different languages!  What a lovely surprise!  A surprise that inspired us to make an extra effort to find an alternative program.

Ishvari at the Foundation in Bangkok

So we searched Bangkok for doctors who could help.  We contacted The Foundation for the Welfare of The Crippled in Thailand, a non-profit organization established in 1954. The very kind people there offered a rehabilitation program to us.  But they already had 150 children staying inside and their external program had just finished.  They told us to come back in October and attend the next out-patient program. But after visiting the Foundation’s doctor things changed. The doctor was overwhelmed by Ishvari’s simple charm and decided she should get immediate help. After discussing with the Foundation’s social workers they decided for intense two-weeks therapy.
The whole team was there just for Ishvari. It was a unique experience for an eager student and caring therapists.  All free of charge and with an air-con room included!  Ishvari was so happy with all the attention.  She loved to learn new things and she did not complain about the pain from all the pulling and stretching.

The Foundation also donated us medical aids and equipment to help Ishvari’s body re-align. They gave her a mobile standing frame, plastic foot boots to keep her feet in place and padded leg braces to help her stand. It was so good to welcome her back after two weeks in Bangkok.  She greeted us with another beautiful surprise. She could sit by herself in a small chair without support!  It has never happened before. She used to sit cross-legged and support the weight of her body by leaning forward which is not a good position for her. Now she can blow soap bubbles, and she can make a paper windmill spin. She couldn’t do either of these things before.  It renews our hope that one day she may be able to walk and to talk.

Ishvari back at Baan Unrak:

Here, you can find some of our previous stories about Ishvari:

Thank you Matoo for your love and sacrifice!

Ishvari’s Magic Cabinet

Mobile Standing Frame for Ishvari

Massage therapist from Kymber

Ishvari progress

Creating Our New Garden

For many years we have tried to have a vegetable garden. Sometimes we could grow things and sometimes not. Our workers have always done their best and we got some results, but it’s never been sufficient to provide enough vegetables to our kitchen – for the ever-growing number of children at Baan Unrak.

We’d like to have a great variety of vegetables but our soil is not very good. Some friends suggested that we should harvest soil from other fields belonging to friends and well-wishers ready to share their bounty. And so we did.

In fact, one of the jobs that the kids had to perform during the holidays was that of bringing new and fertile soil to Baan Unrak (See this article to find out more).
So our children went into the jungle and to our friends’ fields to collect good soil. They packed the soil into bags and transported it to Baan Unrak.

Then came the second step: the “coconut operations”!
We knew about the fertilizing properties of coconuts, by mixing its fiber and charcoal into the soil with seeds. And we were so lucky to find a producer of coconut milk, here in Sangkhlaburi, who needs to get rid of so many emptied coconuts. That was exactly what we needed: what was a waste for them, was so precious to us.
And so, a big mountain of coconuts soon took shape under the big porch of our house.

The children sheared the coconuts to get the fiber. Then, the sliced coconuts were piled up and burnt.

The children used dried palm leaves to blow on the fire, giving more oxygen to the flames and accelerating the burning.

The resulting charcoal was then packed into big bags by hands. At this point, the work was over, but with the hands covered in oily coconut charcoal, naturally, the playing started!

The children loved to make their faces black and chase each other, culminating in an authentic “charcoal battle”, followed by a collective wash with the water pipe.

This work brought a lot of joy to our children, and it involved all of them, from the smaller to the bigger. Everyone could participate, having even a small task in this choral effort.

Finally, with our home-made charcoal and coconut fiber mixed with animal manure, we filled up pots and planted seeds in it. This was just the start in the making of the vegetable garden of our dreams.
In the near future, we are also hoping to have a greenhouse, to be able to grow vegetables even during this time of the year with torrential rain.

Now we are starting to see the first results, and it’s so good to see our vegetables growing! We even succeeded with vegetables that normally do not grow here. For the first time, we could harvest tomatoes. We also had very beautiful marigold flowers to give joy and to decorate our homes.

We are trying to experiment with different kind of natural teas such as Butterfly pea and mint. The children enjoy making and serving those teas whenever they have an opportunity. They especially like to amaze our guests with the mesmerizing color of the butterfly pea. We are learning and the first results are encouraging.

The benefit is not only in the result of the final products. The children have the opportunity to get close to mother nature, to immerse their hands into the fresh soil, to feel it, enrich it and nourish it. To be together in a constructive communal task enriches our children’s life. By growing a garden they also learn how to relate to the inner garden of emotion. To tame the inner wilderness until they can harvest the fruits of patience and compassion.

The Drawing Contest

During the summer break, the children of Baan Unrak participated in a drawing contest organized by the Global Welfare Society of Thailand, aimed to support the Education of Underprivileged Girls. 21 children of Baan Unrak took this challenge.

Our little artists gave their best, and with the help of our skilled volunteer Romain, they produced stunning results. In France, Romain used to teach drawing to children, so he naturally supervised the drawing contest with great pleasure.

To start, the children had to find a good idea related to the theme of the contest: the Empowerment. It wasn’t easy at first, but thanks to Romain’s explanations and books on the subject, all the children found a way to draw what they wanted to express.

The last step was to paint, and according to Romain, it was a terrifying step for most of the kids, as they were afraid to ruin their drawing with paint. However, the children were free to choose how to do it. Some of them used color pencils, the others painted with watercolors.

They had to be concentrated, and it took a lot of time, but they were focused and motivated. Indeed, some children were not satisfied with their first drawing, yet so driven to reach their best, that they decided to make a second one, improving and refining their original idea.

Eventually, the 21 drawings of the 21 children were submitted to the drawing contest. And a few weeks later, we received great news..!

Three of our children were awarded in this national contest, and so they had the privilege to go to Bangkok with Didi, to assist at the awards ceremony and receive their prize.

Our Latika was the overall winner in the 7-13 years category,
Anipo was the second best among the 14-20 years category,
and Pewing was the third one in the 21-27 years category.

Below, you can see the submitted drawings of our children and the idea behind their images.

Let’s start with the number one, Latika!

Latika is a girl born on 1.6.2006
about her drawing, she says: “I want to bring to this world Bin to clean the streets, Free schools, Food and water, to make people stronger and free and allow them to become what they want to be.
Latika, 13 years old

Pewing is a boy born on 5.12.1998
He says about his drawing:
“The bridge to the city”
To get your goal, you need to cross the bridge. Sometimes with painful moments but sometimes with nice moments. You just must not to forget your goal and cross the bridge.
Pewing, 20 years old

Anipo is a girl of born on 04.08.2001
She says about her drawing:
“The world in the hand of a child”
She says that with the help of a good example a child can raise high and change the world.
Anipo, 19 years old

Somsi is a girl born on 29.2.2004
She says for her picture:
“The hospital attractive park”
Children pain could be less, not only injecting them medicines but let them have fun. Hospitals are not a funny building. Why not build some attraction to empower sick children?

Em is a boy of 8.5.2005
He says about his drawing:
“The drum teacher”
By learning music, humans could express themselves and change their mind and their life.
Em, 14 years old

Sandaso is a girl of 1.1.2003
She says about her drawing:
“For a better society”
Bringing education, freedom, peace, and jobs, you can build a good society. It is my mission to work hard in others to build this kind of society.
Sandaso, 16 years old

Mali is a girl born on 17.7.2003
She says about her drawing:
“Free school for all”
Because every child should have access to free education, I would open a free school in the town in the world where they need it.
Mali, 16 years old

Praipana is a girl born on 10.12.2004
She says about her drawing:
“The power of music”
The power of music is incredible. With music, you can put smiles on all faces and you can bring peace in the community.
Pripana, 14 years old

Jirapet is a boy born on 27.7.2008
He says about his drawing:
“The robot cleaner”
Pick up the garbage is like cleaning your mind. After that, you can think better and faster and act for a better world for the human being.
Jirapet, 11  years old

Araya is a girl born on 29.12.2009
She says about her drawing:
“The frog girl smiling”
Keeping your child soul, you can bring to the world a beautiful vision of yourself and find ways to be happy. When the things around are not good and people think you are a frog, inside you are still beautiful and not bad weather can change that.
Araya, 10 years old

Celine is a girl born on 29.11.2007
She says about her drawing:
I want to be a nurse to take care of children that are sick but I want also to be a teacher to teach them to become good, free, educated and self-autonomous.
Celine, 12 years old

Champoo is a girl born on 12.12.2007
She says about her drawing:
“Flower garden”
Growing up, I want to be a gardener and make the world happy with the fragrant floral scent and full of love. Then, the warmth of the whole world will change by our hands.
Champoo, 12 year old

Jampen is a girl born on 18.5.2002
She says this on her drawing:
“A good person in the world”
I want to be a good person in society to give people a good example and make them good and strong.
Jampen, 17 years old

Karuna is a boy born on 1.1.2006
He says:
“Happy farmer in the mountain”
Sometimes hard work can feed many people and make them strong and healthy. Then they can all help”
Karuna, 13 years old

Fai is a girl born on 23.4.2004
She says this about her drawing:
“The World cook”
I want to be a chef and I  will try to be a chef to cook for people that do not have food to eat and I will give to the people with love”
Fai, 15 years old

Fon is a girl born on 1.1.2003
She says about her drawing:
“Every blind person has a power”
If a blind painter can change the life of his reader it means that if someone with good vision can change the world as well.
Fon, 16 years old

Fah is a girl born  on 23.4.2004 (she is a girl with a delayed development)
She does not explain her drawing
Fah, 15 years old

Tinaisu is a boy born on 29.1.2006
He says about his drawing:
“The inspiring great man”
I want to paint big pictures of inspiring people who changed the world. Because watching them, Human beings will remember that all is possible”
Tinaisu, 13 years old

Wan is a girl born on 8.1.2009
She says about her drawing:
“The house closer to the river”
For a better life, you do not need so many things; a small house, nature, and to what you already have.
Wan, 10 years old

Metatamo is a girl born 13.11.2008
She says about her drawing:
“The giant flower of my life”
This is the flower of my life, fragrant with love. This fragrance can spread all over the world and put love into human hearts.
Metatamo, 11 years old

Molay  is a boy born on 19.3.2007 (we modify the date of birth and name spelling)
He says about his drawing:
“Flower in the city”
If we take the time to enjoy an ice cream, the flavor of the flowers or an evening with a sun setting, the life will take on other way and you will be able to change the world.
Molay, 12 years old

Wanchai is a boy born on 22.12.2008
He says for his drawing this:
“Gardener of the world”
The human being is like a flower. to make it grow we have to give it water, sun, love, and education.
Wanchai, 11 years old

Panita is a girl born on 23.10.2009
She says about her drawing:
“The two ladies in green landscape”
You do not need a nice hat, dress, and money to be happy. The only things you need is to be yourself and work for a better world.
Panita, 10 years old

Rita is a girl born on 21.4.2010
She says about her drawing:
“The Giant Rabbit”
The rabbit can be more giant than a forest. He just has to want it. For humans in the world, it is the same. They can be who they want, they just have to choose it.
Rita, 9 years old

Holiday Time in Sangkhlaburi

After our children left to go to the sea in Rayong to have the time of their life (see article), and while other lucky ones left for their families, we still had a group of 40 children and some caregivers that remained at Baan Unrak.

The house still needed to have all the chores done. It needed to be kept clean, we had to cook, we needed to have guards at the entrance gate, and we also had to go sell the products of our bakery at the market. All our staff was gone, only the director and teenager in-charge and a few very committed volunteers remained.

The children that had chosen to remain knew that there was work ahead. Very important to them was to perform a sacred rite of Songkran: to venerate and give their respect to the elders. And that’s what they did.

After that, they could go out and enjoy but still, they didn’t forget their chores and duties. The children needed to do many things but we had fun together and we had a pleasant time too. It was very quiet indeed. In fact, because there were so few people it seemed a paradise. We also had our very committed volunteers.

When everybody else goes on holiday every year our volunteer Flavia arrives. Ready to work, ready to serve.

While every volunteer takes time to see something of our beautiful township, she is only committed to work and to train our staff. Flavia has been a tremendous source of inspiration for many children. Her tenacity and her unstoppable work have inspired our children enormously. At Baan Unrak, she is the one that has taught us to stay committed to work and sacrifice. She chose to come during the holiday and she knows that it is a difficult time because everybody leaves to celebrate, but those who don’t have anybody will be left behind.

We also know that the children that are left behind are sad, and that is why we have a different program to go to the sea with Pavitra, and when he came back Our Director went immediately to Bangkok with another group for a different kind of treat.

This time we had also other volunteers: Giuliano, Flavia’s husband, which helped us a lot with the bakery and public relations; Lucrezia, or Lulu as the children called her affectionately; and Manolis. They were so nice to the children. Our volunteers sacrificed everything just to see us smile.

We did the duty and chores but somehow everybody had their share of Songkran fun.

The little ones did go out and had chances to throw a lot of water. And the big ones did also go at a different time, and finally were rewarded by the teenager in-charge Aye Mew to go at the Three Pagoda Pass, where the festivities were at the wildest and culminating point.

A lot of paint on the faces, a lot of water thrown and dancing and singing.

It was great.

Baan Unrak goes to Rayong

Deep into the holiday season here in Thailand, after a few weeks of work at our home and for our local community (see the previous article), a group of children went to Rayong for a great adventure.

They traveled all night, to avoid the suffocating heat of the day along the road, sleeping as they could on their school bus. The children arrived at the destination the next morning at sunrise. And there, they saw all the work waiting for them.

In fact, the jungle had taken over around the house that would host them during the camp, so the children, together with the volunteers, had to take care of the vegetation and “domesticate” the place, that became their home for the next ten days. Everybody did a great job to make the place better than they found it. And then, the fun could begin!

The children were extremely excited to play Songkran, the Water Festival that celebrates the beginning of the Thai New Year. And so they went to town to engage in hilarious water battles, with homemade water guns and buckets full of water to throw at each other. They were thrilled!

And when the water finished, painting each other’s face with natural white powder became the next funny thing to do. The kids seemed to wear white masks on their faces and were immensely happy.

The summer camp offered also a lot of games thanks to the volunteers. Each day, with the children organized in teams, challenges and competitions gave the rhythm of their holiday.

One day, the volunteers even prepared a treasure hunt for the children, which enjoyed very much to look for the hints all over the place and finally get their reward.

The children had also the opportunity to go to cultural places such as the botanical garden, where they discovered beautiful wetlands punctuated with colorful lotus flowers and birds.

They also visited the museum of the most important Thai poet, where they learned about life in ancient Thailand, and they even went to the aquarium, where they learned about sea animals and their preservation.

And then, everyone to the sea!

The children also committed to clean the beach from all the garbage contaminating it. They collected many bags full of plastic.

After their great work, a prize didn’t take long to come their way: a wild and funny ride on an inflatable sofa, pulled by a motorboat and almost flying among the waves.  It was an adrenaline rush!

The children cultivated their good habits also on vacation, starting and ending the days with a collective meditation. Just, here it was special!

In fact, they loved to meditate on a quiet and beautiful beach, where they could listen to the sound of the breaking waves, with a gentle breeze, while getting in touch with their inner self.

In this magical place, the children could feel a strong connection with the earth, sitting under the limitless sky, in front of the majesty of the sea.

Now all the children are back in Sangkhlaburi, and it’s time to get ready to go back to school, for a new year of learning, growing, and getting better and better together, while having a lot of fun in the process.

More exciting adventures await the children of Baan Unrak.